Other Services

We are constantly expanding and broadening our horizons. 

We believe our services overlap and are of assistance to a variety of different sectors within health care and support services. Our team have extensive knowledge in all areas in supporting people of all ages and of all circumstances.

Early childhood intervention

We put children first. The safety of our kids is a non-negotiable for us.

The safety and development of children and young people is of utmost importance, and we are always seeking to build awareness and strengthen the culture across our services.

We open conversations around the safety of children. It is our commitment to the safety and wellbeing of children. All our team members at Harmilla are required to be a part of this commitment, to recognise acceptable and non-acceptable behaviours. Advocating for children by speaking up for their safety concerns.


We offer very flexible out of home services. Which means we bring the care to you in the comfort of home.

We provide customised companionship for children to help families. We provide nanny and babysitting services to suit your child’s needs, development, activities, routines, schedules, hobbies, interests and to engage and stay connected with their cultures and communities.

How we do this?

We require all our staff to follow our Code of Conduct and duty od care. All staff members must have a valid Working with Children (WWC), current police check and relevant worker screenings.

We are continuously having conversations and seeking feedback. Communication is very important to us, and we are constantly trying to identify areas for improvement in our services and encouraging all staff, volunteers, families, guardians and children to reach us.

Updating and having clear policies and procedures to ensure transparency and that they are enforced and carried out.

Promoting diversity and inclusivity – embracing all cultures and differences. Taking action to inform community and stop discrimination.

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