About Us

We’re a trusted service provider that personalises and centres our services based on your needs.

We started in aged care services for our local community and then have been expanding our horizons since. And, over the years, we’ve learnt and grown and wish to continue to do so to help more and more people.

What we bring

At Harmilla embrace our multiculturalism through our work.

Our extra background work is in providing advocacy for those in non-English speaking communities accessing care. We provide staff from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds who bring passion and enjoyment to our client’s lives through their work and support.

With the help of having bi-lingual staffing solutions to ensure our clients have clarity in their accessing of care by having someone they can communicate with.

Our commitment to you

At Harmilla we’re inspired by possibility.

That’s why our team are dedicated to positive change and reform by ensuring our clients are better off with us. We aren’t going anywhere. Will continue to stand by you for as long as you need.

We will always honour your choice and help support and empower you. We all play a part in growing this culture. Only together, we can build the future we want to live in.

Our Values

Customer Service

Our clients are paramount importance when it comes to advocacy and the delivery of our services.

We want to be the best at what we do. We want our clients to be rest assured that they are receiving the highest quality support. As verything we do is carefully planned and tailored to meet everyone’s needs.

Growing & Looking
for Better Ways

We are always learning and growing as an organisation.

We are constantly monitoring our performance and celebrate our successes and learn from our mishaps. We are always informed on innovation and advances in the industry to implement new ways of delivering solutions to all people involved with us.

Being Accountable &

We have high professional standards and hold ourselves accountable.

Whilst at the same time demonstrating respect and courtesy in our process. We take responsibility for all our actions and lead in finding solutions and not problems.


We work as an ensemble.

Our success has been derived from our ability and willingness to work together – with our clients, partners and our stakeholders. We believe change can only happen when we all work together.

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