NDIS Support for Young Adults in Aged Care: Transforming Lives with Harmilla

May 1st, 2024

Imagine being young and having to live in a space designed for the elderly. This is a reality for some younger individuals under the age of 65 who find themselves in residential aged care facilities. At Harmilla, we recognize the unique challenges these individuals face and are dedicated to providing tailored NDIS solutions that uphold their right to live in age-appropriate and empowering environments.

Understanding the Challenge

Younger people in residential aged care often find themselves without suitable activities, community interaction, or the ability to lead an age-appropriate lifestyle, which can significantly impact their mental and physical health. Statistics show a pressing need for specialized interventions, with hundreds of younger Australians in aged care settings due to various circumstances, including disabilities and lack of alternative housing options.

Harmilla’s Role in Transformative Change

At Harmilla, we work closely with NDIS participants to understand their individual needs and aspirations. Our approach involves comprehensive planning and personalized support coordination that facilitates transitions to suitable living arrangements or enhances life within current facilities. We offer a range of supports, from assisting with daily activities to securing specialist disability accommodation and supported independent living options.

Success Stories

One of our most heartwarming success stories involves a young client named “Alex” (name changed for privacy). Alex, diagnosed with a progressive neurological condition, lived in an aged care facility where he felt out of place among much older residents. Through Harmilla’s intervention, Alex now enjoys a new living arrangement in a specialist disability accommodation that suits his age and needs, surrounded by a vibrant community and engaging activities.

Opportunities for Collaboration

We also extend our hand to other NDIS providers facing overflow or complex cases. Partnering with Harmilla means joining forces to tackle the most challenging situations with innovation and compassion. Such collaborations not only enhance service delivery but also ensure that every NDIS participant receives the comprehensive support they deserve.

Harmilla is steadfast in its commitment to advocate for and implement innovative solutions within the NDIS framework. We are here to support younger individuals in aged care to lead more fulfilling lives and to assist other providers in enhancing their service capabilities.

If you’re moved by our mission and believe in making a difference, share this post within your networks. For collaboration inquiries or to refer someone who might benefit from our services, don’t hesitate to contact us. Together, we can make a significant impact.

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